About Us



TruCulture was born January 2012. Founder Claudia Tiberio emulates the Brand. With 30 years experience in the fashion industry as a leader of women’s fast fashion, she is also a pioneer in women riding motorcycles, being in her own saddle since 1985. Having been raised with a classical pianist mother, she is a great lover of music.

Tommasina Tiberio has a vast pedigree. Her first degree being in Fashion Design, she engineers with expertise & experience.  She also touts her talents in music, as a classical pianist. An avid motorcycle rider as well who also emulates the lifestyle.

Both sisters enjoyed the experience of growing up in their grandfather’s uniform factory. Making garments has been a lifestyle for them. As co designers for the Brand, each and every garment is five star.

The beautiful combination of all their experiences results in this great brand. 

Bold, classy, glamorous, sexy, empowering. This is TruCulture Clothing Co.