Biodegradable & Vegetable Dyed Leather

The future is now. Each of us making a small effort in our lives, impacts the world. Creating sustainable fashion, is a responsibility we take seriously. We are very excited to introduce our first capsule of biodegradable & vegetable dyed styles. Leather is an organic substance. It is natural & breathes with your body. It is the healthier alternative to polyurethane (PU, Vegan leather). PU is manufactured with harsh chemicals. It is not biodegradable. It is 100% synthetic & must be recycled. 

In ancient times, when all that was at hand was from nature, a process was created to treat & color leather to make footwear, clothing & war materials. Pools of water were filled with leaves, bark, branches, etc. The skins were then placed into these pools & left to absorb the natural dyes. They were then left to dry in nature, treated with animal fats to bind the color & soften the skin. The same type of environment has been created in order to achieve our new skins. The colors all stem from natural substances. The animals are treated humanely, consumed for all components to minimize emissions. Our factories are green certified, minimizing pollutants to our atmosphere & our planet. 

Natural skins are the healthier alternative for your body & the planet. 



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